Counselling, Sport and Exercise Psychologist


At Headgame we focus on guiding you by using mental tools through a plan of action designed to change your lifestyle, enhance your performance at work, recreationally, in sport or any area of your life you need to improve. We specialise in working with sports men & women and performing artists at all levels, including personal, team and management coaching. Our clients include elite as well as amateur performers and small to medium sized business owners.

Dr Andrea Firth

I am a chartered psychologist, specialising in performance, sport and exercise psychology and counselling.

I have a great deal of experience addressing performance, relationship and personal factors with clientele ranging from Olympians to recreational athletes and performing artists of all levels.

I work with adults, children, teenagers and students both individually, in teams or in groups settings, with concerns typically relating to examination anxiety and various work-based issues involving both employers and employees.

By using a variety of mental tools I can help guide you through a plan of action designed to help you manage anxiety, enhance your performance at work, in sport and in education. As an integrative practitioner I also provide counselling and life coaching to give you the coping skills necessary to quickly and effectively overcome the various challenges you face.

I work with you in an individualised way to ensure that together we cater for your unique and specific needs. I offer a free initial phone or online consultation after which you can decide, in your own time, if you wish to collaborate with me. Together, we work on your existing strengths, enhance your coping mechanisms & enable you to achieve your goals.

Interested in Supervision?
As a BPS registered supervisor I supervise trainee and other psychologists (see BPS RAPPS & BPS QSEP-Stage 2).